When Quality and Quantity Are Possible at The Same Time

“Two heads are better than one” is a saying that can easily translate into sex and the world of sex toys. I’m not just talking about double-ended dildos or using two vibrators at once, but rather quantity in general. While I do believe in the old saying “quality over quantity” when it comes to some things; I tend to be a big fan of quality and believer that sometimes you are lucky enough to find both. This came to me after perusing the site on this quiet Sunday afternoon and noticing the amount of ‘kits’ that we carry. I love kits!! It’s like Christmas when you order a kit and get to open a box containing several goodies in one shot!

Kits can be great for anyone who is a little unsure of what exactly what they want or in some cases need. For example, for a couple looking to try out some mild bondage for the first time; a kit like the Beginner’s Bondage Fantasy Kit comes with all the things a newbie needs and takes the guesswork out of the experience. And speaking of guesswork; kits can be a no-brainer way for a guy who is not-quite-so-romantic, to impress his partner and treat her to a night of romance without the aggravation that could well ruin the experience. My personal faves for romantic couple play are: Bed of Roses Deluxe Edition, Basket of Love (so cheap!) and Kama Sutra Weekender Kit (I am all about anything Kama Sutra!).

It’s not just the romantic nights you plan that are easier with kits; a night o’ naughty pleasure is easily arranged with a kit no matter what your fancy! I absolutely loooooove kits containing a load of little vibes or sleeves because they allow you to sample a few different toys which is not only great for mixing things up and keeping them from getting boring during your night/weekend sex-fest, but they help you and your partner try stuff out and really help you get in touch with what turns you on. I’m diggin’: 4 Piece Clit Stimulator, Bedside Orgy Kit and Colossal Kit (this thing is AWESOME!).

Finally, one of the kits that really blew me away and made me wish I had searched the word ‘kit’ back when I was a maid of honor; the Bachelorette Party Box. This baby comes with everything but the stripper! If you’re not sure of what you need to put together a bachelorette party or simply don’t want the hassle of running from place to place to find just the right supplies; this kit really does cover it all which would make you look like the best stagette party hostess ever!

Now, I’m off to shop for a kit for my upcoming weekend away…

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