Wanna Get Scorching Hot?

I don’t know where you are, but we’ve been having the craziest weather where I am! One day I was walking around in the sunshine and feeling like spring was springing and the next day we had a snowstorm! Now, well, everything is frozen and I feel like I’m living in an ice castle-except less cool and exotic.

Anyway, I’m craving heat big time and lot’s of it which is why I am dedicating today’s post to all things hot, meaning goodies that heat up or somehow throw heat into the mix. Yeah, all sex toys are hot, but I’m meaning it in an even more literal way than that. You’ll see what I mean…

Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot

Liquid Heat: Warming lubes and oils are one quick and easy way to literally add some heat to your life. Use it alone or with someone else who’s also craving the heat of summer! My picks for the best heating lubes, lotions and potions are: Body Heat in Pina Colada (these are so cheap you’ll be able to splurge on all the flavors!), Hot Heaters Booby Oil – Sex on the Beach and Hot Stuff Strawberry (sugar-free, lickable and warming!).

Fire: If you want something that’s hotter than hot then fire is what you need! Think candles that are made for lighting up and pouring or massaging onto your skin. The newest sex candles allow you to do everything from set the mood with candles that are infused with aromatic aphrodisiacs to making someone hurt so good with a little hot wax play. Here are my picks for the hottest sex candles: Bwarm Soy Massage Candles (they come in a bendable candle holder designed for pouring!), Edible Candle Strawberry (light up, pour massage and lick! How’s that for heat!), Foreplay Candle Pheromone Candle.

Toys that Warm the Cockles: Self-heating toys are the shit lately and it’s no surprise considering how, well, hot they are. There’s nothing quite like sliding something warm inside or along your most sensitive bits. My faves as far as self-heating sex toys are: the Micro Heated Bullet, the Micro Heated Vibrating Nipple Clamps and one of THE best sex toys I have EVER come across in my entire life; the Body Heat Self-Warming Vibe which is a dual action, rabbit-style vibe that offers clit stimulation, hot penetration and G-spot fun thanks to its slight curve. This thing is effin’ incredible and worth every penny!

Hope that holds you over until the warmer weather arrives!

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