Vamp Up Your Holiday Party: Creative Ways to Add Sex Toys To Your Party

Tis’ the season to not only be jolly but to spread that joy as well. What better way to do that then by putting a smile on the faces of your naughtiest loved ones with some Yule-time cheer? Not sure where I’m going with this? I’m talking about two of everyone’s favorite things: parties and sex. Why not make your holiday soiree a sexy one by throwing in a few naughty touches like sexy centerpieces, not-so-goody bags and more!

Many of us have little traditions amongst our closest group of friends when it comes to this time of year whether it be a shopping date followed by dinner or maybe a cookie exchange party. Consider adding a few sex toys for some added zing which will also up the fun factor, give everyone a good ol’ belly laugh and turn the usual conversation up a notch—or ten!

We carry an awful lot of sex toys that easily double as party items if you think outside the box. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

Blissful Berries are not just very pretty little vibrators, but they also double as great cocktail mixers! Think I’m kidding?? Get a few of these vibes in all of the delicious colors and place one in each martini glass and watch them vibrate that martini like nobody’s business! They come in 3 very girl-friendly colors and are just the right amount of bling for a holiday party with their nubby, waterproof heads! And almost as great as the expressions on your friend’s faces is the price—so reasonable that you can easily afford enough for all of your guests.

Note: Micro Mini’s are another great choice if you’re looking for the sexiest vibes that also double nicely as cocktail mixers!

Still in keeping with neat ways to use mini vibrators; I like to add a little spice twist to my Christmas packages by strategically incorporating them into the presentation of each package. It’s so simple! Take a small toy like the Classix Mini Vibe and tie it into your bow which sits atop the gift. I also like using cock rings in the same manner—especially great for your male friends or those who are coupled up!

Dress up any table with a nice arrangement of fruit—sexy fruit that is! Mini Bath Buddies are fruit shaped waterproof vibes that come in orange, pear and strawberry. Place several of each in a bowl on their own or mixed with Christmas balls for a beautiful display that will have everyone craving this healthy snack! *wink*

My final but fun suggestion is using sex toys as ornaments for your tree. Imagine the wonderment on your pals faces when they stand to admire your tree and find some sex toy goodies hanging with ribbon! The I Vibe Pocket Rocket comes in all kinds of hot colors which will brighten any Christmas tree. And these babies provide a buzz like no other! Add a tag to each ribbon with a friends name on it and you will surely be known as the hostess with the mostess!

When it comes to parties you are only limited by your imagination. Open your mind, think outside the box…ahem… and think of all the neat ways that you can vamp up any party.

Happy Holidays!

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