Turning Him On to Sex Toys

It’s funny how some men perceive sex toys. With so many guys complaining that their partners aren’t adventurous or sexual enough it baffles me that there are still some out there who don’t fancy the idea of bringing sex toys into the relationship or are even downright opposed to the idea of a sex toy! Men need to see the potential fun involved for them when it comes to sex toys and realize that women do not see them as a replacement for the real thing—yes, even those vibrators that look just like the real thing!!

I think the best way to turn a guy on to sex toys is to actually show him what they can do and how hot they can be. You can always try by surprising him with one of his own like a vibrating cock ring or a masturbator. Many men seem put off by anything phallus shaped and don’t realize all of the options available for men that are not big vibrating dicks! Anal beads are another super sexy toy that he may get a kick out of since they can be used on either you or him during a steamy bed session and let’s face it—they look fairly non-threatening!

It’s a known fact that men are visual creatures, especially when it comes to sex which is why showing him will likely be the best route for you to take in your mission to get him to accept and welcome your vibrator into the bedroom. Check your inhibition at the door and get ready to unleash the exhibitionist in you by putting on a little show! Consider it a far sexier version of “show and tell” than what you used to play as a kid! Get undressed, lie back on the bed and invite him to watch you pleasure yourself using your favorite vibrator. Start off slow by tracing the buzzing toy along your body, teasing yourself and him. Gage his reaction and don’t jump in for the kill until he’s good any ready. If he still doesn’t seem entirely open to the idea or has expressed a concern about feeling as though a vibrator is a replacement for him (this is what I like to refer to as ‘true penis envy’!), you may want to hold off on actual penetration. Enjoy the feeling of the vibe as it teases you and the feeling of his eyes on you watching this incredibly intimate and highly erotic moment. Bring yourself to orgasm and don’t hold back because watching you writhing around in ecstasy will be a huge turn on for him. Try to keep eye contact with him throughout the entire ‘show’ so that he feels connected to you during the experience and not at all left out. And by all means; ask him to take over if you think he can handle it! This should prove to be quite the turn on for him and hopefully the start of a very beautiful friendship between him and your favorite vibe!

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