Tricks and Treats: Picking Your Halloween Costume

While I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t need to be Halloween for you to play a little game of dress up-and dress off-the day certainly does inspire more people to get in on the fun. Thankfully we’ve got more in the way of selection than a sheet with two holes cut out for eyes. These days costumes are so much more than that and can be used to make people laugh or make them hot! Adult costumes can be quirky, funny or just downright sexy which puts a whole new spin on Halloween for those of us who are too old to go trick-or-treating.

Choosing an adult Halloween costume is easy thanks to the sizes that also include queen sizes for the sexy bigger gals. The hardest part will be figuring out what you wanna be which is why it isn’t too early to start thinking about it and checking out your options.

A good thing to keep in mind when picking adult costumes is your audience. If you’re wearing it to an adult party or for you a private party for two, then anything goes as long as you’re with a group of like minded peeps who are open-minded and cool with a little sex appeal. If you’ll be spending time at a function with kids, then you’ll probably need to keep things somewhat PG-rated when it comes to your choice, or at least wear a wrap or cover of some kind till the kids go beddy-bye. This doesn’t mean that you have to forgo an adult site like this one for you costume though! Not at all because the selection here ranges from tame to super-sexy so you can get what you need as far as adult costumes go.

And to show you that I’ve compiled a little list of my favorite adult costumes for Halloween ranging from tame to hot and then sizzlin’. You should note though that even my tame selections are still sexy but without being overt, indecent or even remotely offensive!

Tame Costume Picks

Witch Costume: This witch costume comes with a sexy form-fitting dress with ruching in all the right places as well as a hat. Add your own touch with sexy shoes or boots, accessories and even a broom and you’re all set for Halloween amongst peeps of all ages-though I can still guarantee you a few cat calls along the way!

Radically Retro: This tight pink ensemble is groovy and sexy at the same time. It’s got some well-placed cutouts so that you get to show loads of skin while still covering what matters. Add some light-up heels or super high platforms and you’re groovin’! This would also be perfect with a huge afro!

Eskimo Girl: This costume is really cute, unique and short enough to still be somewhat sexy. You can add a stiletto boot to kick up the sex appeal or pair it with some furry boots to really play up the Eskimo girl theme. Either way you’ll look adorable in this one that is kid and uptight-adult friendly.

Hot Costume Picks

Black and Red Devil: This is evil at its finest! This tight fitting black and red dress with a lace-up bodice and fishnet sleeves is a sexy way to play up the pointy ears, tail and pitchfork. Naughty has never looked so hot!

Beer Girl: No blue-blooded guy can resist a sexy beer wench-especially not when she’s in a green ensemble that shows off her tits, legs and ass like this one! And the matching thong cleverly hidden beneath it all is definitely a hot lil’ bonus. Add a beer mug and you’ll have every man in the room dropping at your service!

G.I. Girl Camouflage: You’ll do your country proud in this barely-there camouflaged getup! Tight little crop top, tiny boy shorts and a hat make this officially HOT! Add a pair of aviator sunglasses and some sexy high boots and you’ll have the boys standing at attention in more ways than one!

Sizzilin’ Costume Picks

Bedroom Nurse: This is one sizillin’ costume that should be worn outside the bedroom at your own risk! It’s tight, white and right for anyone who wants to show off their every delicious curve this Halloween and end the night with a game of naughty doctor. Comes in regular and plus sizes.

Club Bunny: What’s sexier than a Playboy Bunny?? One with maximum curves to show off! This one comes in regular and plus sizes and is bound to look hot on anyone with the confidence to wear it. It’s got everything a Playboy Bunny costume should have; sexy bodysuit, satin bunny ears, collar with bowtie and fluffy tail. Sizzilin’ indeed!

Red Hot Devil: This one is definitely hotter than the devil costume mentioned in the previous section! This skin-tight red lame dress with sexy cutouts and a hemline that borders on evil also comes with ears, tail and pitchfork to top off the look. Who said Hell’s a bad place when you got devils this hot!

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