Toys For Teasin’

I have decided that teasing has become sort of a lost art. Life is just so rushed in general that many people even have to hurry sex or worse yet; schedule it in like some chore on a To-Do list! When you’re working against time, it’s very easy to get straight to it and forget about all the good stuff that leads up to the final act, like the tease… the sweet, delicious tease.

Whether you’ve got all the time in the world to please your partner or your time is limited; building up a little anticipation and teasing them to the point of submission is a sweet must! Come on; you don’t always have to make it about the intercourse—not right away anyhow. Taking the time to really work your partner’s body into a frenzy will not only feel amazing for them but also heighten pleasure for you. Watching the goose bumps form along his body as he becomes harder and harder or the absolute delight of watching her nipples turn to stiff little buds as she writhes around in torturous pleasure at your mercy is bound to work some magic on you as well. How can you illicit such intense sensations you ask? Simple; with a few minutes a prop or two!

One of my favorite ways to tease a mate starts of with a blindfold. There is nothing like blindfolding someone to automatically heighten all of their other senses; leaving them to rely on sound, sight and feel to know what’s going on. I’m not at all into BDSM but I do also enjoy tying my partner’s hands so he is at my mercy. A little game of “how much can you handle” is what ensues once things are tied nicely in place. This is a fun game for all! The deal is that you get to do as you wish to your partner but they are not allowed to touch you as you do it. Running a feather strip down the center of his/her body is a nice start. Take the time to linger ever so softly over their most special spots to really drive them wild! Changing sensations by switching from feathers to a tickler or small rubber whip, effortlessly ups the level of eroticism. I’m not saying you need to whip your mate senseless and induce pain—unless you are so inclined, but the feel of the rubber strips along already tingly skin will feel amazing on anyone no matter how adventurous or vanilla their tastes may be!

Taking the time to tantalize your lover will be an erotic and highly pleasurable experience for you both and therefore worth a little time and effort. Luckily, kits like the Barely Bonds Kit, Vanilla Bondage and The Bernan Mistress Kit , make it easy to add a little tease to your sex life because they contain all you need from the blindfold to the feathers! We’ve also got quite the selection of ticklers ( I loooove the Vibrating Feather Tickler!) and whips to choose from whether you’re looking for a gentle caress or the lingering sting of a good, sexy whoopin’!

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