Top Six Sex Toys and Accessories for Men

Here at Aphrodite’s Intimates, we love the fact that vibrators, dildos, bullets, and other toys that turn her on are increasingly accepted by mainstream society; anything that makes good sex great (and great sex even better!) gives us pleasure! Further, the fact that the superstars of the adult toy world are usually marketed toward women doesn’t mean that they can’t rock his bod, as well. All vibrating toys will titillate his nips and package, and anal play with a dildo or beads intensifies his O just as much as hers.

But guys deserve as much time as gals to shine (and groan and shiver ;), so we’ve devoted the latest update in the “Six Sexiest” series to toys and accessories designed with *his* pleasure primarily in mind!

The following items are ordered from mainstream to adventurous.

1. Personal Grooming and Hygiene Products: You don’t have to bare your soul OR your package to benefit from the increased sensitivity of a well-groomed bod. A simple trimmer and shave cream designed for men (some even have pheromones!) are all it takes to keep you looking and feeling good in the bedroom–and if you are feeling adventurous, the sensitivity of bared skin, especially around your cock and balls, is a sure-fire O enhancer. And don’t forget the cologne: our products are expressly designed to drive your partner wild, and many also contain pheromones!

2Quality Sex Education/Instruction DVD: Sexperts of all kinds agree that visual stimulation is the hottest and most immediate kind for most men, regardless of sexual orientation or style. So treat yourself right and invest in a high-quality DVD that not only titillates but teaches you and your partner how as well! We offer sexy and expert instructional DVD’s from multiple established institutions (and adult stars!) on topics as varied as erotic massage, BDSM for beginners, and the secrets of anal sex; all you have to do is start exploring.

3Cock Ring: Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, a cock ring will significantly enhance your erection and allow you to stay hard longer during intercourse, oral, manual stim, and other sex play. If you’re a newbie, start with a single ring in an adjustable and/or a flexible material, like jelly, and keep it taut but not too tight. Old pros can broaden their sexual repertoire with cock cages, double- and triple-helix designs, and specialty metallics. Many cock-rings come with manual or vibrating clit flickers to intensify her pleasure, too!

4. Masturbator: Modern masturbators come in all shapes and sizes, from the standard artificial vag to the futuristic Tenga Egg–and let’s not forget the anatomically exact molds of your favorite porn stars’ fuckable parts. If portability is a concern, discreet and travel-friendly options abound. Masturbators as just as much fun when used with or on a partner, so don’t be shy: this is a bedroom essential worth sharing–if you’re feeling generous. 😉

5. Penis Pump/Enlarger: Don’t assume that these bedroom treasures improve sex and sex play solely for your partner–getting bigger and harder will enhance sensation for everyone involved in the action. Many modern pumps are designed by urologists or professional sexperts, and enlargers come in an array of shapes, materials, and sizes. Treat yourself to an unbeatable surge in sexual sensation and stamina!

6. Prostate Toys: Even first-time anal explorers can benefit from a prostate toy, designed to stimulate the “male G-spot” (prostate) and perineum, both under-utilized and under-appreciated pleasure centers, and take your O from ho-hum to earth-shattering. Beginners will want to pick a toy with a fairly slim diameter, while expert anal adventurers have ample options in all shapes, materials, and sizes. Whatever you choose, be sure to also stock up on lube!

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