The Low Down on Penis Extensions

I can see how a guy may think that using a penis extension is somehow a cop-out or an insult to the size of his junk, but if you could just stop for a second and hear me out, you’ll see that using a penis extension can actually be a compliment to your sack skills-no matter what size your package is.

While a penis extension does exactly that-add an extension to the penis-it doesn’t mean that your penis isn’t sufficient or even that you need the help of a piece of plastic to satisfy your woman. Adding some extra length and girth to the head of even the biggest dick is just like using any other sex toy in that it mixes things up a tad and offers something different from the usual. Does a woman need a super long or thick cock? As a woman, I can tell you the answer is no. Is it nice once in awhile to experiment with a new sensation? Hell yeah! That’s what a penis extension does.

Not all penis extensions are made to only add some length. There are loads of them that give you something that no man has; external clit stimulators, pleasure nubs and even vibrating heads. They give you and your penis the power to pleasure a woman like a super sex toy! And by being willing to use one of these you’re actually proving yourself as an even better lover because it shows that you’re thinking of her and her pleasure; willing to try different things to heighten her pleasure. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that my friend! Just imagine her delight when you surprise her with an extra sumthin’-sumthin’!

Now that you got the skinny on penis extensions, it’s time to find out which ones to choose for your desired result. Here are my suggestions:

For a realistic extension: Try the 2 inch Penis Extension or the Latex Extension 4 inch for a little extra length that feels oh so real.

For some good vibrations for you and your partner: Give the 3 In 1 Vibrating X-tra Cock Penis System a go! Another great one is the Real Feel Penis Enhancer which is sure to equal some orgasmic fun for you and her.

For a clit-tastic time: Try the Pleasure Sleeve for Couples whose vibes will please the both of you. I also recommend the Pipedreams 2″penis Ext W/ Clit Stimulator Purple which not only add length but also stimulate her clit with its special ticklers at the same time. She’ll love you for it!!

For maximum girth: If extreme thickness is what your partner craves, then try the Cyberskin 2″ Xtra Thick Penis Extension. The Girth Enhancer will also get the job done just right.

For G-Spot Pleasure: Since a man’s penis just isn’t curved right to hit the G-spot effectively, the G-Spot Extension Clear will do the impossible for you. Wow – a G-spot orgasm for just over 5 bucks!

So, get over yourself and give one of these penis extensions a try. You’ve got nothing to lose and only rock hard erections and mind-blowing orgasms for her to gain!

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