Swingin’ Good Times: Cool Ideas for Swingers Parties At Home

I’ve recently done some writing about the world of swinging and realized that not only are there far more people doing it and looking to do it-literally-than I would have guessed, but I’ve also never written anything catering to swingers on this blog! Shame on me! It’s not like me to miss such a large and uber sexy population so I’ll try to make up for it here by offering some fun ideas for a good ol’ night o’ swingin’.

If you’re finding swingers clubs a little stale there’s always the option of staying in and planning your own swingers’ party. Taking the time to choose some fun games and goodies will help make sure that your party isn’t a dude. Okay, okay – when is sex ever really a dud, right? I’m just saying that to set your party above all the rest and make it fun for those who’ve been in the scene as well as newbies it’ll require a little more than just makin’ a few extra beds. Think fun, think sexy and think about your guests and getting them to interact in a way that will encourage a more upbeat and playful vibe.

Here are a few things worth picking up for your swingers’ party;

Condoms: This should soooo go without saying but I wanted to remind you anyway since safe sex is a MUST no matter how well you think you know someone. Try filling a bowl with condoms so your guests can grab ’em as needed without having to fumble around. You can mix things up in the safe sex department by choosing different types of condoms for different sensations. Also, don’t forget to pick up a flavored pack or two because they’ve great for blowjobs and can cut down the center and opened up to use when going down on a woman. Much tastier than the usual dental dam that’s for sure!

Sex Toys for All: If you don’t already have a fun collection of sex toys then consider picking up a few to share with your guests! You don’t need to get anything too expensive. Check out sale items! Opt for small, fun and colorful sex toys. Don’t forget to get stuff for the girls AND boys; mini vibrators, cock rings, anal beads and plugs and maybe even a hot double-header dildo for some hot two on one action! (By ‘on one’ I mean on one dildo!) And don’t forget to have plenty of sex toy cleaner on hand and to throw a condom on your vibes and dildos when sharing!

Party Favors: The idea of part favors at a swingers’ party may sound a little off but who doesn’t like to receive little goodies? There are loads of things like gag gifts and other favors that are far from PG-Rated and just right for your naughty-minded guests. And if your swinger’s party also happens to be in honor of a birthday or holiday like Christmas there are party items that cater to all those themes and more.

Games: Who says games are for kids?? We all love to play and that’ll be especially true when you pull out games that encourage some very sexy times! Whether you go for an all-out adult board game or opt for some simple naughty dice; a game geared to adults and sex is the perfect way to break the ice and get the party started with some good laughs and sexy ideas. And don’t forget – the winner gets to…well, you decide!

Massage Oils: I know — soooo cliche for swingers to have massage oils and other lotions and potions! Seriously though, they make for great massages and can be LOADS of fun if poured allover the body and a latex or plastic sheet for some slippery-slidey fun!


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