Sexy Gifts For Him: A Gift Basket With More Raunch Than Romance

After covering great gift baskets for women-single and taken-it’s only fitting that I offer up some equally great gift ideas for him. Truth be told, I am actually really enjoying this post as I do love choosing gifts for someone who is more likely to appreciate a little raunch over romance, as men tend to. God bless ’em.

The key to putting together a gift basket for the guy in your life starts off with the same advice that I gave when I wrote about creating a gift basket for her, and that is to keep his likes in mind when choosing the goodies. Just because you may long for romance doesn’t mean that he does. And, since this gift basket is all about him, you really do need to focus on the things that will make him happy even if that means a little less love and a lot more lewd.

Putting Together a Gift Basket for Him

A great point to keep in mind whenever choosing sexy gifts for a man is that men are visual creatures by nature. This is not to say that a man wouldn’t enjoy a book of sex stories, but the reality is that most would prefer to see the sex then merely imagine it. Ah, the perfect segway into my list of goodies to fill a gift basket for him with. Here goes:

DVDs: What better for our sexy visual creature than some sexy visual stimuli? Choosing an adult DVD for your guy isn’t brain surgery, as chances are he’ll just be thrilled that you’re encouraging his love of porn! But, try to think of what sort of thing turns him on when choosing the DVD, whether you find it arousing or not. That means if he’s into latex fetish porn or even if his idea of hot is a WKRP in Cincinnati porno rip-off , that’s what you should look for.

Masturbators and Pocket Pussies: You know your guy jerks off-we all do. So, if you’re gonna give him a hot DVD then why not throw in just what he’ll need to work his magic while watching. Sure, he’s always got his hand, but a masturbation toy adds a certain little something that his hand can’t. Try one of these: The Fleshlight (a tried and true fave amongst cocks the world over!), Aria Cock Pleaser, and Deep Throat Stroker

Lube: Whether to use on you or use when he’s playing with the “palm sisters”, lube is a must in his gift basket. I recommend choosing an assortment that includes a sampling of different kinds of lubes, like regular lube, warming lube and even refreshingly cooling lube.

Something Playful: Raunch is great but, don’t forget to throw in a little something playful too. Tis’ the season after all! I suggest something like sexy coupons, dirty dice or even a fun sex game that you think he’d get a kick out of. When choosing a game as a sexy gift for him, be sure to choose something that is just as easy as it is fun because the last thing your guy needs is a complicated game that makes the time drag. Let him get to the good stuff ASAP!

Edible Undies: Yes, you did read that right! Edible undies may be a tad cheesy or cliche but they remain a favorite whether as a gag gift or otherwise. The great thing about the edible undies-aside from the massive belly laughs they’re bound to cause-is that while they are for him to wear, they are for you to eat. Get it? *wink*

Hope that these sexy gift ideas for your man’s naughty gift basket have inspired you to make your own. As long as you make it with an open mind and keep his wants at the forefront when compiling the goodies for the basket, then you’re sure to have a winning combo on your hands. And, if you’re finding my suggestions to tame, then feel free to raunch it up with some anal sex toys, a promise to master the prostate massage or even a game for groups of naughty people if branching out is what you’re cool with! The dirtier the better my saucy gift-giver!!

Happy Holidays!

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