Sexual fantasies

Have you ever had a sexual fantasy that you were too embarrassed to share with anyone? You’re not alone. In fact, according to a recent survey, more than 80% of people have sexual fantasies. Despite this, many of us are hesitant to discuss our fantasies with our partners or even our closest friends. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of sexual fantasies and why they’re more common than you might think. We’ll also provide some tips on how to share your fantasies with your partner and how to make them a reality. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the fascinating world of sexual fantasies.


What Are Sexual Fantasies?

A sexual fantasy is an imagined scenario that is designed to create arousal and sexual pleasure. These scenarios can range from simple and straightforward to elaborate and complex. It’s important to note that sexual fantasies do not necessarily reflect our real-life desires or preferences. Just because we fantasize about something doesn’t mean we actually want to do it in real life. In fact, many people find that their fantasies are more appealing in their imaginations than they would be in reality.

When it comes to fantasies, many people worry that theirs are too weird or too taboo to share with others. But the truth is that there are very few truly unique sexual fantasies out there. Most people have at least a passing interest in things like BDSM, role-playing, or group sex, even if they’ve never acted on those desires.

If you’re feeling shy about sharing your own fantasies, try starting with some light conversation about sexual fantasies in general. Ask your partner or friends if they’ve ever had a fantasy that they were too afraid to explore in real life. You might be surprised at the answers you get! Once you’ve established a baseline level of comfort, you can start to share your own fantasies and ask others to share theirs.

Remember that fantasies are just that: fantasies. You don’t have to act on them if you don’t want to, and you don’t have to feel ashamed of them either. As long as you’re not hurting anyone else (or yourself), there’s nothing wrong with exploring your own sexual imagination.


Are sexual fantasies normal?

Sexual fantasies are a common and normal part of human sexuality. In fact, studies have shown that nearly everyone has sexual fantasies at some point in their lives. Fantasies can range from mild and common to more taboo and uncommon, but as long as they are consensual and don’t cause harm to oneself or others, they are perfectly healthy.

It’s important to remember that having a fantasy doesn’t necessarily mean that someone wants to act it out in real life, and there is no shame in exploring and embracing one’s own desires through fantasy. However, it’s important to be aware that some fantasies may be influenced by societal norms, personal experiences, or media, and it’s important to reflect on why certain fantasies appeal to us and how they make us feel.

It’s also worth noting that if a fantasy is causing distress or interfering with daily life, it may be worth talking to a mental health professional about it. But in general, sexual fantasies are a natural and healthy aspect of human sexuality.


Common Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasies can vary greatly from person to person, but there are some common themes that tend to come up. One of the most common sexual fantasies is the idea of exploring new and exciting sexual experiences with a partner, such as trying out new positions. Other common sexual fantasies include:

  • Group sex: Many people fantasize about having sex with more than one person at once, whether it’s a threesome or an orgy.
  • Exhibitionism: Some people enjoy the idea of being watched or performing sexual acts in public.
  • Voyeurism: Watching others engage in sexual activities can also be a major turn-on for some individuals.
  • BDSM: Bondage, discipline, domination, submission, and sadomasochism are all elements of this broad category of sexual fantasy. BDSM can range from relatively mild activities like tying someone up during sex to more extreme scenarios involving pain, power dynamics, and humiliation.
  • Threesomes and group sex: Many people fantasize about having sex with multiple partners at once. This can take the form of a threesome with two other people or a larger group scenario.
  • Role-playing: Pretending to be someone else during sex can be a turn-on for many people. Some common role-playing scenarios include doctor and patient, teacher and student, and boss and employee.
  • Taboo scenarios: Forbidden or taboo sexual scenarios, such as incest, teacher-student relationships, or sex with a celebrity, can be a turn-on for some people.
  • Dominance and submission: Many people fantasize about either dominating their partner or being dominated by them in the bedroom. This can include everything from light bondage to more extreme forms of power play.
  • Fetishism: Many people have sexual fantasies that involve specific objects, body parts, or situations that they find particularly arousing. This can include everything from foot fetishes to leather fetishes.

It’s important to note that while these fantasies are common, they may not be everyone’s cup of tea. What turns one person on may not have the same effect on someone else. As long as these fantasies are consensual and safe, there’s nothing wrong with exploring them with a partner or even enjoying them on your own.


Why is it important to explore your sexual fantasies?

Exploring your sexual fantasies can lead to a better understanding of your sexual desires and preferences, and can help you communicate your needs and wants with your partner(s). It can also increase sexual arousal and pleasure, and can be a healthy and safe way to express yourself sexually. Suppressing or ignoring your sexual fantasies can lead to feelings of shame or guilt, and may prevent you from fully enjoying sexual experiences. It’s important to remember that sexual fantasies are a normal and natural part of human sexuality, and that there is no shame in exploring them in a safe and consensual manner.


Talking to a Partner about Sexual Fantasies

  • Be open and honest: Sharing your fantasies with a partner can be nerve-wracking, but it’s important to be honest about your desires and what turns you on.
  • Start small: If you’re nervous about discussing your fantasies, start with something smaller or less intense and work your way up. For example, if you’ve never talked about using sex toys before, start there.
  • Listen to your partner: When you’re sharing your fantasies, it’s important to also listen to your partner’s thoughts and desires. This can help build trust and deepen your connection.
  • Be respectful: Everyone has different fantasies and desires, and it’s important to respect your partner’s boundaries and feelings. If your partner is uncomfortable with a certain fantasy, it’s important to acknowledge and respect their feelings.
  • Keep an open mind: Remember that your partner’s fantasies may be different from your own, and that’s okay. Keeping an open mind and being willing to explore new experiences together can help strengthen your relationship.



In conclusion, sexual fantasies are a normal and healthy part of human sexuality. Exploring and embracing our sexual fantasies can enhance our sexual experiences and deepen our connection with our partners. It’s important to remember that fantasies are personal and unique to each individual, and there is no right or wrong way to have a fantasy. As long as our fantasies do not harm ourselves or others, we should feel free to enjoy and explore them without shame or judgment. By embracing and understanding our sexual fantasies, we can lead fulfilling and satisfying sexual lives.

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