Sextoys Aren’t Just For Going Solo

For many people, when they think of a sex toy, they think of a woman alone in her bedroom with a vibrator. While that is often the case, sex toys don’t always have to be a one person activity. There are many sex toys available that are great for couples. There is such a variety, that nowadays, even the most vanilla couples can integrate adult toys in their relationships.

Why use sex toys in your relationship? One good reason is because it may be good for you! While there aren’t any studies showing a direct link between sex toys and health, studies have shown that sex can help your heart, improve your immune system and reduce stress. Studies have also shown that sex toys can help you have better sex.

So how do you introduce sex toys into your relationship? The first step is to talk about it. Sex is a natural part of any adult relationship, and an open dialogue is key to a healthy relationship. Little steps like verbally introducing the topic or even shopping together, not only eases nervous partners into the idea, it also considers the feelings and desires of both parties. If you aren’t sure what your partner would like, ask them. Chances are the discussion might serve as foreplay on its own.

Some sex toy users wouldn’t dream of sharing their toys with their partner out of fear of it damaging their relationship. If you are concerned that your partner might be a little jealous of your sex toys, don’t be! There are plenty of toys that are enhanced by a partner rather than replacing them.

For couples new to sex toys, or perhaps even intimidated by it, a cock ring is a good place to start. Cock rings or worn by males, and benefit both the male and female. They are great for beginner couples because they do not interfere with the normal process of intercourse. A cock ring provides stimulation to the penis, by restricting the blood flow. This can increase performance, benefiting the recipient, and also increase pleasure, benefiting the wearer. There are even cock rings that have textures designed to stimulate the clitoris, and vibrations to stimulate both partners.

While vibrators can be enjoyed solo, remote control vibrators are best played with by two. These toys are made to be worn by one person while controlled by another. Because the wearer is at the whim of the remote holder, these toys encourage trust between the couple, while rewarding mischievousness. Remote controlled vibrators are also handy for taking bedroom activities outside the bedroom. With these toys, a busy couple with work or children can continue to play while tending to their day to day responsibilities.

Cock rings and remote control vibrators are excellent sex toys for any couple, but for the sexually adventurous bondage toys are a great way to introduce novelty into a relationship. These toys are great for both beginners and the advanced because they are so varied. Bondage toys can be as innocent as a satin blindfold and tickler, or as restrictive as a full on restraint system. These toys even often come in kits so couples can try a variety of toys out before they commit to one type.

Regardless of whether you start with a cock ring, blindfold, or remote control vibrator, sex toys can work wonders for any relationship. Not only are they fun, they encourage communication, foreplay, and exploration of your partner’s body. Even toys that are traditionally for solo play can be enjoyed by couples if both are committed to causing their partner pleasure. If your relationship could use a little spice, or you’re looking for your next toy don’t limit yourself to going at it alone.

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