Ring of Confidence

A very popular sexual enhancement for men these days is the humble cock ring. Who would have thought that such a simple device could be so effective? The truth of the matter is that, with a cock ring, there really is a ring of confidence, because it helps to keep the big fella going that little bit longer by restricting the blood flow and maintaining the erection. It can also make the penis more sensitive, increasing the pleasure of sexual activity considerably. These little circles of pleasure can be very effective when it comes to the self-satisfying business of masturbation, with the firmer erection and extra sensitivity making you putty in your own hands.

Of course, as you would expect in these modern, liberated times, there are many different varieties of cock rings available to the discerning gentleman and it is important to make sure that you find one that is comfortable, yet snug. The snugness is the method of prolonging the erection, but that would be no fun if it started to become uncomfortable to wear, would it?

Typical materials that are popular for cock or penis rings are silicone, metal, leather, rubber, nylon and even plastic and these are generally worn around the penis and scrotum for best effect. Of course, the choice of material is always down to personal choice, but a softer material such as silicone or rubber would probably be the best choice for someone new to the joys of jewelry for the genitals. The advantage of these softer materials is that, whilst providing the restricted blood flow necessary to make the ring effective, they are a lot easier to remove when the need arises which makes the wearer a lot more confident about the whole experience.

However, whatever material you decide on, you should remove your penis ring after around thirty minutes or sooner if your genitals start to feel numb or look pallid. On a positive note, however, wearing this type of sex aid can not only help to maintain an erection, but with the added confidence that knowledge brings, the door is opened to a compendium of delights.

In order not to take away any attention from your partner, cock rings are also available that are complete with little vibrating bullets that not only provide a scintillating buzz to her clitoris, but also sends those powerful pulsations down your penis and imagine how a more sensitive cock would react to that! Make sure that you don’t waste that prolonged erection by ejaculating too soon because you’re that much more aroused. A little self-control is always a good thing when it comes to making sexual pleasure last for a long time.

If you like a little bit of BDSM or bondage, a leather cock ring is an ideal little accessory which will tick all the boxes. If you are Dom, then the longer lasting erection reinforces your superior stance, whilst, if you are the submissive type, having your Master or Mistress put a leather ring on your cock would give that feeling of being owned and restrained. Of course, leather rings aren’t the sole domain of the BDSM and bondage world. You may choose leather because you like the feel of it. Another advantage of using leather rings is that they are more adjustable making it easier to find a comfortable fit more quickly.

It may be a simple device, but the cock or penis ring is a very effective item to have in your sexual toolbox. Whether you want to play solo or fly with a friend; even if it’s not an all-singing, all-vibrating wonder, it will potentially provide you with a longer lasting erection giving you longer to enjoy what we all love best.

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