More Reasons Why Women Should Have Balls

I personally think that women often have bigger balls than a lot of men, but that’s a whole other blog post. This one in particular is about vaginal balls, also often referred to as orgasmic balls, Ben Wa balls, or fantasy balls.

The great thing about having a set of balls like these is that they actually serve a couple of purposes. Yes, they feel ‘effin incredible and can really enhance your orgasm or add a little somethin’ extra to your anal sex, but did you know that they’re also great for your health? Vaginal balls can help to strengthen a woman’s PC muscles so that they don’t just make sex more enjoyable but also decrease a woman’s risk of suffering from incontinence and even bladder/pelvic prolapses later in life. See – good for your health just like I said.

The way these hot little balls do this is by naturally encouraging a woman’s pelvic muscles to contract and get stronger. This means a tighter pussy whether you’re young or old and have had one child or several! This also means better control during sex as well as a more enjoyable experience as far as the friction factor goes-and who doesn’t want that??

As for the pleasure aspect of orgasmic balls; you can have your partner roll them along your body for a sensual massage or insert then while you’re doing just about anything at all in order to have a little naughty fun. The balls are usually hollow with a smaller ball inside so that there’s a subtle vibration felt from the balls as you move. Some come in sets of two independent balls while others are joined together and have a string or pull handle for easy removal. Both kinds can be worn during oral or anal sex too, taking the experience to a whole other super-orgasmic level – hence the name “orgasmic balls”.

Whatever your reason for wanting them; they’re an inexpensive source of pleasure worth trying!

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