Make His Day

Make your man’s day in more ways than even he could ever imagine in his wildest fantasies. You don’t need a special occasion to let him know how much you care… why not do it today? Unleash his wild side (and yours) with this nifty little package of feel-good fun.

The big event will need a little advanced planning so be sure to open the ice tray and freeze up a pack of sexy iced hotties to cool his favorite drink. Wrap the thumbcuffs and coupon booklet in the adult wrapping paper (don’t worry, even HE will get the idea). Then, to top it all off, before he comes over, hang the door hanger on the door.

Not only will this guarantee the date starts with a laugh, but you will catch him completely off guard. Besides, there just might be the added bonus of your neighbors knowing exactly how lucky you are getting at that very moment!

Before he gets there, treat yourself to the luxury of a long, slow, steamy bubble bath to get yourself in the mood. Spritz on your sexiest body spray or perfume and take a little extra time to do your hair and add those little touches of makeup that play up the highlights in your eyes and the fullness of your lips. Even if you wouldn’t normally do the makeup thing, go for it, just for tonight… take a chance and see where it leads!

Come on, this is the time to unleash your inner slut… finally, greet him at the door wearing nothing but a smile, and hand him a glass of “special” ice and his favorite drink.

As he sits down to get comfortable, bring the gifts over and sit at his feet as he opens them… let him pick which to open first, while you open a very special gift of your own. Unzip his trousers and help him get “more comfortable.” Once he’s opened the coupon book, tell him to pick a coupon or two for the evening… anything he would like. If he needs any encouragement at this point, offer it with your lips, tongue and fingers. Don’t worry, you’ll have him drooling soon enough.

Then, when he opens the thumbcuffs, hold your hands up to him submissively and ask him to please put them on you for the rest of the evening. Give yourself up completely to his wildest ideas. Let your mind go, thinking of nothing but his deepest desires and the multitude of ways you can (and will) please this man of your dreams.

Use your mouth and tongue to please him in as many ways as you possibly can. Try some things you’ve never done before. Visualize all the ways you can bring him to ecstasy and then do each and every one of them. Make every second of the evening the very hottest, steamiest and sexiest night that you’ve ever shared with anyone. Leave all your inhibitions behind and allow yourself the luxury of getting wild and crazy.

Give him the night of his life, and rest assured that he will do the same for you!

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