Leading Man and Lady Picked for 50 Shades Movie

The 50 Shades of Grey books held my attention from the 1st page and I couldn’t put them down. I loved envisioning Christian as the tall, handsome, sexy businessman who was able to take this mousy girl and turn her into a sexual deviant. She fought him being terrified of the things he wanted her to do. She fought knowing that she would eventually give in and love the things he would do to her body and soul.  Love the things he’d do to her body and the ways he’d make her body quiver and shake.

Having never watched Sons of Anarchy, I don’t know much about Charlie Hunnam but I would have expected a better known, dark haired, better looking actor to play the role of Christian. This role is key to the success of this movie since he is the key player.  He has to be an actor that would make me die to be Anastasia. Make me want to be dominated, tied up, taken to the height of passion but forbidden to have an orgasm over and over and having the orgasms of a lifetime when finally allowed. The fantasies created by these books were fabulous. I found myself turned on over and over and wanting to try some of the things with my husband that I was reading in the books.

Dakota Johnson as Anastasia looks to be a good fit. The daughter of Melanie Griffin & Don Johnson has that virgin, innocent look about her that’s needed to play the role. She has to be believable about her innocence and lack of sexual experiences and be able to be taken to the dark, extremely sensual side of one’s sexuality. Be innocent enough to allow you to believe that she’s being taken down a road that is terrifying yet heart stopping to her. Terrifying to her, yet so exciting that she can’t bring herself to stop. Can’t wait to see what he’s going to do with her next. How he’s going to sexually frustrate her next and to which new sexual edge he’s going to take her and what type of orgasm she’ll be subjected to with each sexual act.

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