It’s Bachelorette Party Season!

Summer is only a couple of months off which means that wedding season is almost upon us. Sure, people get married year round, but the summer months, thanks to their sunny days and warm breezes, seem to be the most popular time to get hitched. While the actually weddings may still be a couple months off, we are now just starting bachelorette/stagette party season! Woot woot!

If you’re in charge of planning a friends bachelorette or are the bride-to-be and are planning it yourself, there are a few goodies that you’ll need to get before the big day’by big day I mean your last night to party like a single girl! Along with some goodies to make your special day even more special (again, by special day I mean bachelorette party day!) there are a few other tips I can suggest to make it all you dreamed and more.

First, you’ll need to choose the venue. For those who are having a massive wedding, chances are that you’ll need ample space for your equally large single gal soiree like a hall or at the very least a party room at someone’s condo. For a smaller crowd; you can start the festivities at home and then make your way to a bar for some dancing and misbehaving’if you can tear yourself away from the stripper. I know, so clich’ but yet sooooo much fun!

Once you’ve chosen the venue, then a little decorating is in order! It ain’t a bachelorette party without some naughty decorations and penis party favors! Here are some of my recommendations;

Bachelorette-Friendly Decorations: Bachelorette Balloons, Bachelorette Foil Pecker Streamers, Bachelorette Party Letter Banner

Naughty Party Items: Pecker Inspector Badge, Pecker Plates, Sexy Wine Holder

Sexy Gift or Loot Bag Ideas: Pecker Earrings/Necklace Set, Bachelorette Party Pops, Bachelorette Tiaras (8pc)

Games: Stick It Bachelorette Party Game (It’s HYSTERICAL!!!), Willy Whack It Pi’ata, Inflatable Dicky Ring Toss

A Lil’ Sumthin’ to Take To The Bar: Bachelorette Bar Challenge, Bachelorette Dare Dice, Bachelorette Condom Veil

Strapped for Time or Just Lazy’

For you I would recommend one of the many Bachelorette Party Kits that come with everything you need, like; decorations, cups, plates, napkins, favors, games and more!

Here are three suggestions that really do have it all so that the whole planning thing can be a total no-brainer for the hostess who is strapped for time or in need of some serious help; Bachelorette Party Box, Bachelorette Party Kit Girls Night Out and a book that will take you through the planning step-by-step; How to Host A Bachelorette Party or Bachelorette Party Planner & Memento Book.

One Final Tip…

Don’t forget that sex toys like mini vibrators and bullets also make some really cool party favors! And, if you’re looking for something to giveaway as a prize, a rabbit vibe is ALWAYS a hot choice! Your guests will thank you 😉

Party on ladies!!

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