Inspiring An Early Spring Fever

Now that we’re past the holidays and Valentine’s Day I figure instead of giving into the winter blahs it’s a great time to start looking ahead to spring and summer! Ahh, hot sunny days spent splashing around at the beach and even hotter nights spent enjoying the nakedness that summer brings’mmm’

Spring fever is a very real part of the season that I personally look forward to because it’s when I feel more alive than I have in months. What else does it do to me? It gets me thinking about all the hot and naughty ways that I can enjoy myself and all the things I can do to share my favorite time of year with my lover. One of the best ways to start getting that sexy ol’ summer time feelin’ long before the snow melts is to incorporate some goodies into your day that inspire that feeling; things that have the lush tropical scents that make you feel like you’re lying on a beach and enjoying a pina colada or even something fun for your bath that can make a little tub break feel like a mini holiday by the seaside.

Here are some goodies to kick start your spring fever and inspire some extra hot lovin’ that’s bound to keep you and your partner feelin hot, hot, hot until the real spring thaw starts!

To Tease Your Senses: You can fill the air around you with the scents of summer with candles that are not only made to tease your senses but also warm your skin thanks to melting into a perfect scented massage lotion like Suntouched Candles in Skinny Dip or Bikini Beach or Massage Candle Libido/Exotic Fruits.

Better Than Suntan Lotion: Everyone loves the smell and feel of lotion rubbed onto their warm skin, but even with no sun in sight you can enjoy that same lux and warm feeling thanks to products like Eden Tropical Oils, Razzels Tropical Teeze Warming Lube and Love Drops Seduce Me Coconut.

Even Sexier Than the Sea: You don’t need to be splashing around in the ocean to enjoy the feeling and scent of salt water. All you need is a bathtub and any of these amazing products; Bath Salts Sweet Coconut, Sea Salts Ocean Breeze, Treasure of the Sea.

Make Your Own Waves: You can make plenty of waves in your very own bathtub with the right toys. Here are a few of my waterproof faves that all have a tropical flair: Tropical Vibrations Collection, Tropical Vibrations Pear, Eden Tropical G Wave, Climax Gems Ocean Ripples and the Sea of Love Couples Kit.

Instead of Sippin’ Coladas: Who says you need a fruity cocktail to make you feel like you’re a billion miles away in a tropical paradise?? These flavored lubes and aphrodisiacs will not only tantalize your taste buds but also give you that lovin’ feelin’ with just one swig! Check out Sex Water Tropical Punch or Jo Flavored Lube in Tropical Passion.

Look Like A Beach Bunny: Nothing can make you look and feel quite as sexy as some sun kissed, glistening skin and you can have that even when it’s snowing outside thanks to body shimmer lotions like Body Shimmer Sunkissed Gold or Body Shimmer Tan.

See, with a little imagination and the right inspiration you can be feeling the delightful glee of spring fever today!

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