How to Buy a Sex Toy When You Can Look But Not Touch?

I will forever sing the praises of shopping for sex toys online because there are just so many ways in which it is better than shopping for them in-store. The only real downside I can see to buying toys online is that you don’t get touch the merchandise beforehand to know exactly how it feels. To some, this can be a deal-breaker that stops them from experiencing the joys of squealing in delight as the postal service truck drops off your discreet package containing your dirty little secrets. This is a joy that no one should ever be deprived of just because of something as small as not being able to feel a sex toy before you buy it.

It’s totally understandable to want to know everything you can about a sex toy or anything else you buy before you spend your money, including how it feels and while you yourself can’t experience the feeling of handling the sex toy before ordering online, you can get a good sense of what it feels like simply by taking advantage of all the information at your fingertips when shopping for sex toys online. This includes product details, reviews, and the pictures. The product information will always include specs like the materials the toy’s made from and the size. If you’re not good with measurements don’t just guesstimate-measure! Keep a measuring tape or ruler nearby when buying sex toys online so you can see just how big-or small-your sex toy of choice is before you click the ‘add to cart’ button. Some surprises are good, but finding out that the cute little sex toy you got is actually mammoth is not so good. Measure and be sure.

Sex toy reviewers can be your best friends when you’re trying to buy a sex toy online because they’re the ones who can give you the only information that the product descriptions lack: the lowdown on how the toy feels. Take the time to read sex toy reviews of any products you’re considering because they can give you the insight that will help you decide if a particular toy is what you want it to be. I get that the last thing you wanna do is read when you’ve got sex and toys on the mind, but spending that little bit of time could ensure that you get want you really want.

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