Gift ideas for the Bride-to-Be or the Happy Couple

Wedding season is fast approaching which means that many of you are scrambling to find a gift for the bride-to-be or the happy couple. Opting to give a sexy wedding gift isn’t uncommon and while this sort of thing used to be reserved for showers and bachelorette parties, more and more friends who are close to the bride and/or groom are now venturing into this new way of offering their congratulations.

There are a few choices that require almost no real thought and are made just for an occasion like a wedding. These are kits containing goodies that cater to the new couple or are honeymoon-themed. These can usually be found in the ‘Romantic Gifts for Lovers’ category. For those of you who are a little more creative and willing to shop around to get a truly personalized gift; check out the various massage oils and lotions in the Lotions and Potions section as well as the Bed and Bath section where you can find some really decadent goodies for your gift. I make no secret of my love of the Kama Sutra oils and bath salts and I also absolutely adore their Honey Dust Powder.

If you want to add something a little risqué to your gift basket that compliments the lotions and bath products mentioned, then I recommend a waterproof vibrator. I would go with one that falls to the daintier side of the sex toy spectrum and steer clear of anything too, well, in-your-face. There are all kinds of little vibrators that are pleasing to look at and even elegant. My picks for the prettiest and bride-iest vibrators would have to be: Hearts of Heart, Mia Pink, Little Pearl, and Water Pearls.

If you want to go a slightly more traditional route while still keeping it sexy, then lingerie is the way to go. A beautiful piece of lingerie will make the bride feel beautiful and do a little somethin’-somethin’ for the groom too. A few worth checking out: Sweet Sensations White Lace Babydoll and Thong, Bridal Chemise with Veil, and Lace and Mesh Babydoll.

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