Gettin’ Lucky: Hot St.Paddy’s Day Ideas

I’m all about the special occasions and makin’ them as sexy as can be no matter what they are! St.Paddy’s Day is up next and while it’s usually all about the green beer and doin’ the jig with your friends, I figured that with a little thought and the right goodies that I would be able to help you all find a way to make the most of the day while infusing it with some delectable sex while still managing to keep the day filled with green goodies, clovers and even some good ol’ Irish luck that would make a Leprechaun proud!!

If you’re heading out to a bar, having a party or simply just celebrating with your lover at home, you can make any drink look Irish AND sex it up by swiggin’ it out of this green penis shooter glass. You don’t really need green beer when you’ve got a green shooter!

If your man insists on spending the evening drinking at a noisy and crowded bar to celebrate, you can always keep yourself amused and still be part of the Irish fun by wearing this remote controlled Four Leaf Clover vibrator under you clothes! Just think of how hot it’ll be sitting there and enjoying a sexy buzz on your clit without anyone being the wiser. There’s nothin’ quite like enjoying your own little naughty secret, especially one that is sure to result in an orgasm or two! For some added fun you can hand the remote to your partner and let him take charge of your pleasure!

If you’re looking for something low key to enjoy or something to unwind with after your night of partying, there’s always Love Licker Irish Screamer’a warming oil that you can massage your lover with to celebrate the sensual way.

If you want to look festive and ‘ber sexy at the same time, you can always use some green liquid latex on your skin for just enough sexy coverage to get your best parts noticed! Or make him wanna stay home and drink some of your special brew by serving him while wearing this super hot Beer Girl costume!

Enjoy some Irish tunes on this special day, whether Celtic or U2 by loading up your iPod with some great ones and then using it along with the NaughtiNano iPod Vibrator in green! It vibes along to the beat of your tunes and is small enough to fit in your purse if you want to enjoy it on a night out and about.

No plans for St. Patrick ‘s Day’ No worries! There are all kinds of goodies to help you celebrate with yourself and make it a night to remember even without the crowds of people. Here are a few of my green faves that are just right for the occasion at hand and any others.

Emerald Lips Pocket Pal (For Him)

Emerald Screw Vibe Dong

Green Orgasms Galore

G Girl Green (Yay for G-Spot fun!!)

See, who needs a crowded bar and overpriced beer when you an stay in and really get lucky the Irish way!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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