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It’s about time that your playthings got an overhaul, don’t you think? The most basic and well-known sex toy out there is the vibrator, but they have come quite a long way from the simple two-speeder that you’ve had hidden in your sock drawer for decades now. This handy little sex toy can be as large or as small as you like and as gentle or as powerful as you can handle. And, boys, this is no longer just a “girl thing.” Vibes come in so many different variations that you can find the perfect one that fits your needs and your body just right.

Perhaps you want something that will take care of you internally? Most women find immense pleasure in the use of a vibrating dildo. It is shaped to fit inside the vagina comfortably, but also, it can be used for external stimulation if desired. But what if that’s not enough? Maybe you’re the kind of person who needs that extra bit of sensation. Rabbit-style toys are all the rage now – thanks to Sex and the City – and for good reason. The ability to achieve simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation is something that our foremothers probably never dreamed of. But the feeling is real and you can have it if you want to.

Now, if you’re looking for something that might go just a little deeper, look no further than a G-spot stimulator. If you’ve never had a squirting orgasm before, now is your chance. Any woman can do it; it’s just a matter of time, patience, and finding the toy that will work best for you. Just be sure to clean up if you make a mess!

There are also toys out there on the market to aid in male masturbation as well. Vibrating butt plugs and prostate probes are excellent for both men and women who want to give a little more attention to the backside of things. But there are even more vibrating toys out there for men. Cock rings can be a fun and intense way for couples to prolong their pleasure and ride out some groovy waves. Even alone, a vibrating cock ring can be just the thing to make a man shiver with joy.

What else is there that can put a spring in your step or a buzz along your body? Ever tried a vibrating glove to give your partner an extra special massage? Or maybe a pair of nipple clamps that just don’t want to stay still? Whatever toy you try, you are sure to find a new and intense way to pleasure yourself or your partner (or both of you at the same time!) in an exciting way. Just be aware of overuse: if you start to feel any numbness, give it a rest and try again a little later. Also, don’t forget to be sure that you, your partner, or the both of you are properly lubed up. You’ll definitely want to have a little friction to get yourself going.

So don’t think that you’ve seen it all just yet. There is a whole world of buzzing sensations that are sure to do the job when you need to spice up your bedroom fun.

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