Get An Early Start with Some HOT Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With Christmas out of the way, I figured it was time to start focusing on the next big day’the sexiest day of ’em all’Valentine’s Day! What better day than February 14th to really take it to the next level in the bedroom than the day that is dedicated to couples!

You all know that this is one day where your partner expects you to go the extra mile and really put forth the effort to woo and surprise them, so why not really blow their minds with a surprise of the naughtiest kind? My suggestion is to introduce something new into your sex life and I don’t just mean going from guy-on-top to girl-on-top but rather something completely new to you! Here are some ideas to start considering over the next month?

Sexual Positions

If you’ve been stuck in a position rut, then why not make it your mission to introduce your lover to some new moves and maybe even play a game of ‘try as many as we can’ on Valentine’s Day and everyday from there on! There are all kinds of books, complete with blazing color pics that offer you hundreds of new positions to choose from. Some of my faves; the Kama Sutra is ALWAYS a great one. I also quite like the tried and true Sexual Positions. If you’d prefer to see this positions play out in front of you on your television screen, then try the Kama Sutra DVD or 101 Advanced Positions DVD.

Bondage for Beginners

If you’re sex life has always leaned to the safe/vanilla side of the spectrum, then venturing into some light bondage could really heat things up this Valentine’s Day and open up a whole new world of pleasure! Some kits that make bondage a breeze for newbies, like the Vanilla Bondage Kit which is packaged in what looks like a vanilla ice cream container and holds the basics; silky ties, blindfold’all in vanilla white of course. The other one that tops my list is the Fetish Fantasy Beginner Bondage Kit because it comes with cuffs, ties, blindfold and even candles. What a great (and cheap!) way to get your freak on!

A Sex Toy for Two

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to finally try out a sex toy made for two. Consider a vibrating cock ring like the Passion Ring. Or maybe something like a double-header dildo if you dare! Try the Bendable Double Dong or the Double Trouble Slender Bender (great for his and her anal!) They are top sellers for a reason’or two!

Up The Romance

There’s nothin? like the day of Cupid to get even the most cynical of us craving some romance. A no-brainer way to do romance right would be to use a lover’s kit since they’ve got all the bases covered for you! Check out the Kama Sutra Bedside Lover’s Tool Kit (you know I am a Kama Sutra product junkie!) or the Bed of Roses Deluxe Edition for romance at it’s finest.

With all of these great tips, you really have no good reason for not making this upcoming Valentine’s Day the best one ever!

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