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Being on the first date I have had with a guy that I really liked, I tried my best to look good and act decent. The first dates are usually the time when you discover the other person and if you do anything wrong, there is a high chance of you not ever making past date number 2. So, me, being the nervous wreck that I was, I chose to go out and buy new clothes, to impress the guy. I also purchased new make-ups and all the stuff I thought I would need to look at my best.

So, all things aside, the final day had finally arrived. The guy came and picked me up with his nice looking car (a BMW!) and he drove me to an Italian restaurant where we ordered – guess what? – Pasta and some Italian sauces. Just while I was preparing to eat, I felt something in my nose and I … sneezed. I put my head in my hands and sneezed for a second time, but when I looked up at the guy he looked mortified! A look down to my hands made me realize that I was having a nose bleed! Not only that, but my plate and the entire table were red with blood. I have never been more embarrassed in my whole life. After I got up and left I had also realized that I had forgotten to take out the price tags. I was like a walking mannequin! No wonder the guy never called back!