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My lover and I have the best and possibly the most erotic sex I have ever had. He works nights and weekends, and when he gets home, sometimes around 1:30 am, he showers, shaves, puts on after shave, and I am usually asleep on the couch. He comes to me and uncovers me, and begins to eat my pussy, at a rate that drives me completely crazy. Just the other night, once I was awake, he went to the freezer and got an ice cube, and inserted it into my pussy, and continued to eat me. Needless to say, I began climaxing, over, and over, and over. At one point, I am not sure I was even still on this planet. We moved from the couch to the bedroom, only after he had been eating me for over an hour, and I had been cumming for an hour. For the next 3 hours, he continued to eat me, and fuck me, and use my vibrators, until, at one point, I had to ask him to stop. I simply couldn’t stand it any more. After a brief rest, we were at it once again. I inserted one of my vibrators up his ass and turned it on, full speed. Whew, talk about loving that, he did. I enjoyed watching his reaction to it. It really turned me on. From there, he was now ready to fuck me in the ass. We fucked that way, for a while, and before he was about to cum, I had him sit on my stomach, and pump his cock, until he finally came, all over me, the wall, the curtains, the bed. It went everywhere! Talk about a turn on, that was for me. We finally rested, both completely spent, and satisfied.