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I was watching a nasty tape that I had found in my mother’s closet. I had never had intercourse before and I wanted to know what a penis looked like. I put the tape in. This lady was in a kitchen and the telephone man came to fix her phone so they began to kiss and then she went down on him as she sucked his cock I felt myself becoming wet. Wetter then I had ever felt before so I grabbed this stuffed elf doll that I had and began to perform oral sex on this doll. A few minutes later the woman in the movie began to lay on the kitchen table and masturbate. Then I masturbated for the first time. First I put my finger into my pussy and began to flick my fingers really fast and the more I did this the hornier I became so I then put my 4 fingers into my pussy moving it back and forth. After that I still felt like I had missed something so I grabbed the elf doll again. The nose on elf was shaped like a penis so I spread my pussy lips open wide and sat down on top of elf’s nose and began to ride it for about a good ten minutes when all of a sudden this tingly sensation came all over me and I came for the first time and it was so good .