Dressed for Success

Are you a woman on the go? So caught up in the every day hustle and bustle to find time for yourself? Having a hard time slowing down, let alone relaxing? Then this is for you, all for you… just for YOU. Discreet, quiet, immensely self-satisfying, and completely flexible and transportable! So before you slide into your most captivating business attire, take a few moments to add a few additional touches underneath. Here’s how:

First, start by massaging just a tad of the Climax gel to your nipples, Enjoy the feel of the gel gliding across your most sensitive skin. Feel your arousal build as you pinch and tug lightly at each as you apply the gel. Then feel itr start to work… the warmth and titillation quickly spreads as you put on your bra and blouse.

Then, allow just a few drops of Liquid V to fall onto your fingers and dip your hand down between your legs. As you begin to massage the silky liquid all around your pussy, let your fantasies run wild. Feel the warmth and wanting build as you concentrate on your clit, focusing on that long-forgotten little love nub for just a few moments before reluctantly withdrawing your hand while the sensations continue to build slowly but persistently.

Finally, slide the Contour panties over your hips and turn them on as you reach for your skirt or slacks. No worries about your private pleasures being heard… the micro-vibe is ultra-quiet but extremely powerful. Take a moment to adjust the level of vibration and make sure the panties are situated in precisely the right place. Feel the vibe renew and refresh the warmth and excitement that is being emitted from the cream and gel as you finish getting dressed for your day.

Just imagine how wonderful, truly, wildly, erotically wonderful, your ride to work will be today! Whether you walk, drive, ride or fly, you will be transported to that stressful environment on waves of pleasure, and when you arrive, your coworkers will be awestruck by the contented smile on your face. If they only knew…

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