Does Your Partner Suck at Oral? Do You??

Let’s face it; oral sex is an acquired taste that also requires a certain amount of skill. As much as we may love getting it, not everyone is keen on giving it and those who are may not always be all that great at it. Where am I going with this? South of your border! I’ve got some ideas and suggestions that will help you give and get better oral sex so that you can enjoy lickee-dee-doo like you should deserve to! So whether you’re not happy with the quality or quantity of oral sex in your life; I’ve got what you need!

For Those Who Don’t Like to Go Down

If you don’t like to go down on your partner or are involved with someone who doesn’t enjoy it; there are things you can get to make oral sex easier on the palette and a little less icky overall. Flavored lubes will be your best friend if taste is your only issue with giving oral. Pick up flavored lubes, which come in flavors ranging from fruity to chocolaty, and you’ve got yourself the tastiest and sexiest treat around! These can be used on dicks, pussies and anywhere else you may want to slip your tongue! Flavored lubes I recommend: Banana Dickalicious, Doc’s Cocktails Cosmopolitan flavor, and Lick Me Licker in Tropical Fruit.

Another alternative for those who find oral sex less than appetizing is flavored condoms. This is an especially great one for those of you who are especially icked out by oral because it offers flavor PLUS a barrier. And, of course, this is also a safer way to have oral and protect yourself from STIs, including HPV which is commonly transmitted through oral sex. Using a condom on a guy is a no-brainer. If you want to use it to go down on a woman; snip it up the center, open it up and place it over her pussy for a safe and tasty oral session. I recommend picking up a few of the Tastee’s 3 Packs in different flavors so you can mix it up a little or find your favorite flavor. They’ve got banana, chocolate, mint and even grape flavored Tastee’s! Yum!

For Those Who Aren’t Getting Enough Oral

If you’re craving oral but there’s none insight, have no fear because there are plenty of sex toys to give you the feel of soft lips or a talented tongue-all without needing to have an actual partner!

Guys can enjoy the sensation of a hot blow job using masturbators that are shaped like mouths or even love dolls. And for all you insatiable ladies there are tongue toys that simulate oral so well that you’ll wonder if any human partner can actually top them!

For the guys, I recommend: Cyberskin Cyber Suck, Lori Mouth (Sexy red lips AND cheap!!), and Electronic Stroke Master.

For the gals, my picks for the best oral sex toys are: The Tongue 2 Vibe (turns out it does get better than the original! Who’d have thunk??!), Tongue Tickler (Cheap and oh so good thanks to a nose that nuzzles you just right!), and Wallbanger Waterproof Tongue.

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