Clone a Willy Review

Hello Ladies! How often does your Man go out of town? You are horney and you want to play because he’s gone or he’s home & not putting out? Or you might want him plus a little something extra? We have the perfect solution for you!! Make your own dildo Ladies!!!

I have the perfect solution for you! A mold of your Man and maybe a special “fun” mold, if that will fit your fancy! It’ll make you feel like you can be with 2 different Men without getting in trouble! Why should you feel guilty Ladies?? You’re not cheating; you’re just having some harmless, sexual fun!!


You have your cast, you find your perfect “model” and you mold accordingly! Recreate your favorite penis or multiple penises with this innovative penis molding kit!

Your favorite penis, or penises size can be molded. Make a perfect copy of a man’s penis. Straight or crooked, long or short, thick or thin, the kit will perfectly copy anyone.

This is a lot of fun, easy and so much fun! Follow the instructions! How much fun would this be to do with your Man?

Product Description

This is the perfect sexy couple’s activity for a boring Sunday, the Original Make Your Own Dildo kit contains all you need to make a perfect copy of your favorite penis so you can double your pleasure, or have a backup if your man isn’t around. Detailed instructions are included, but the basic principle is simple; first, you’ll need to mix up the molding material and pour into a plastic tube that’s included. Next, get your man as hard as you can, using whatever means necessary. If you can get past this phase, have him insert himself into the tube and wait the allotted time for the mold to set. Next, pour in the body safe, phthalate free rubber mix, which can be pre-mixed to keep things moving. When the mix has hardened, what you’ll be left with is a perfect cast of the penis in question in a soft, useable form. Also included is a mini vibrating bullet, which can be placed into the rubber mixture while in the mold, so that the material sets around it, turing your dildo into a vibe. Very detailed instructions are included, along with tips on changing up the color of your dildo for a rainbow of options. The size and appearance the end result will vary depending on the man you’re choosing to duplicate.

Here are some reviews of the product:

  • “My boyfriend and I had so much fun with this kit – it’s so easy! We even enjoyed a double penetration with him in my backdoor, and his replica’ in my vagina!”
  • “The quality of the finished rubber cock is also the best I have tried, far more professional looking.”

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