Chocoholic Frenzy

Are you a chocoholic? Why not indulge your deepest, darkest chocolate cravings with virtually no adverse effects to your tummy and thighs. Better yet, share your passion for chocolate with your passion for your partner. Merge yourselves, body and soul, in a chocolate feast for the senses… all the senses.

Why not plan a private dessert feast for just the two of you. You could start by inviting your beloved out for a romantic candlelight dinner. But before you go, be sure to give him (or her) the edible undergarments to be worn on your special evening out. As you dine, whisper sweet nothings and pour on the passion with lots of tasty hints of what is to come once the meal is over.

When the time is right and you’re tummies are full, satiate your other passions by leading your lover by the hand to the bedroom. Have your tasty treats close by so all is ready when you are. Turn on some romantic music and turn down the lights, maybe opting for candlelight and incense to further enhance the mood. Sweeter things are yet to come, in more ways than one.

Undress each other slowly, all but the edibles, but be sure to use your fingertips to tease around the edges and entwine themselves into all those forbidden places. Lay your lover back gently onto the bed, surrounded by pillows and ready for love. Feel the desire surge from your bodies as your lips touch in an intimate kiss. Allow your hands to roam freely, exploring one another’s bodies as if for the very first time.

Be sure not to rush… you have all night, after all, and so much fun lies just ahead. Dab the edible chocolate nipple lick’ems onto each other and savor the sensations as they are slowly and meticulously licked clean once more. Use the edible finger paints to create montages and collages of beauty on one another’s bodies, in all sorts of unimaginable places and locations. Delight in the flavor and feel of your lover’s skin blending scrumptiously with the chocolate as you lick and tease everywhere all at once.

Finally, it is time for the piece de resistance… the slow, erotic, and oh, so intensely edible “removal” of the last of your clothing. Use your tongue to swirl and twirl and stroke and savor every last lick of covering off your lover and then lay back and rejoice in the afterglow as they do the same to you. Bear in mind that every inch of each of your undies is edible… everything. And the more you eat, the better it tastes. The more you savor, the more you will crave. Try experimenting, sampling tastes from top to bottom and back to front, then back again, keeping your lover guessing where your mouth will land next.

Try merging the finger-paints with the edible undies, teasing some paint just inside the delicate folds along the edges of the panties or dipping your fingers inside the edible bra to tease more nipple lick’ems onto your partner’s most private parts. Or maybe add a new dimension… try dotting the chocolate paint all over yourself, wherever you want your partner to lick, then indulge them in doing the same. And keep in mind that this is just the beginning… go wherever the evening takes you!

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