Can sextoys save your marriage?

Can sex toys save your marriage? To many people, the simple answer is “No” because marriage is not just about sex, many divorces happen because of other emotional and spiritual issues with the marriage. However, if your marriage is in trouble because of the sex life, then the answer to this question might just be a “Yes”.

All of us are fully aware that marriage is a union of love, friendship and intimacy. In today’s sexually liberated world, a healthy sex life is having a lot more impact on marriages than say 20,30 years ago. Many people don’t realize that their marriages are falling apart because the trigger was bad sex life. Without communication with their partners, (many people don’t communicate about this issue), other insignificant issues start to arise and eventually snowball into separation and even divorce.

Our hectic lifestyles aren’t helping either. Sex is way down on the list of things to do, sadly being replaced by the longer hours at work, the shopping and the house work. Put frankly many don’t have time for sex anymore and there must be an increase in the popularity of the use of the phrase ‘I’m too tired’. I am almost positive that every single one of you have used that excuse before.
,br> Low sex marriages across the board often share the same symptoms; you only have sex a few times a month, sex is a chore, you schedule sex, you don’t fantasize about your partner, there is no sense of adventure and neither of you are frisky anymore. Suffering these symptoms? If so a remedy is needed but it might not be what you are thinking.

So you might ask, what is the solution?

  1. Communication. A fundamental concept that needs to be grasped is that communication is paramount. How can you correct a problem if one half of your relationship doesn’t know that one exists? It has been proven time and time again that couples who communicate well and share activities together often have a much more sexually active relationship.
  2. Consciously Make Time. Go take a couple’s vacation for a weekend. Often couples that manage to escape the children for any substantial periods of time find that they have what can only be described as ‘honeymoon sex’. The reduced workload and subsequent lower stress levels seem to remove inhibition and rekindle the slowly dwindling flame.
  3. Spice Up Your Bedroom. Change things around in your bedroom because it’s the quickest and cheapest way to give you both a change of scenery and even a subtle hint like changing the usual light bulb for a shade of rouge can make a huge impact.
  4. Look in the toy box. Many still think of sex toys as being scary looking vibrating gizmos that can only be found in the dodgy back street sex shops found in the nasty side of town – not anymore. Sure you can still find these but when it comes to relationships sometimes it’s better to take a more subtle approach.

When choosing any adult toys,try to start it off by choosing the ones that will offer the greatest chance of increased intimacy and not just something you can throw to your partner so he/she can get off. Generally the area of sex that offers amplified intimacy levels is foreplay. Concentrate on this area and get to know your partner all over again. Make it fun with a handful of accessories like the blindfold, some handcuffs, or our number 1 spice it up toy Under the bed Restraint System. Imaging having it installed before your partner gets home…

There are tons of other sex toys you can buy for foreplay. If you want to please her, try bullets and eggs. If you want to please him, try vibrating cockrings, or astroglide warming lubricants.

Keeping your choices to a selected few sex toys that will have the desired effect of keeping the focus on you and your partner and not the new additions. There’s no point having the best sex toys that receive all the attention and hoping that your relationship will be ok, the focus should be on what they can add to your sex life, not be the central part of it.

Can sex toys save your marriage? It is up to you to see what is causing the problems in your marriage. Communicate with your partner, if it is sex life related. Try the toys, it never hurts to try.

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