Bubble Buzz

Are you and your partner rushing around so fast that you barely get any one-on-one time? Is it hard to coordinate scheduling time just for the two of you? Quality, intimate YOU time? If you’re like most couples these days, by the time you do get to be alone together, one or both of you is too exhausted to do anything but offer a peck on the cheek and collapse into bed.

Well, here’s a sweet little package just for you! In fact, you can even tell your partner that you’ve found a whole new way to multi-task… combining bathing and loving in all sorts of new ways. True to form, the two items in this package work together or separately, but when combined with your mutual passion and creativity, well, you just can’t go wrong.

Plan your bubby adventure for the end of the day, when the chores are done and the house is quiet. Fill the tub with warm, soothing, scented water as you add a capful or two of Passion Love Bubbles to the spray. Undress each other slowly, taking your time to linger over every curve, revealing your lover’s body slowly and sensuously.

As the tub fills, immerse yourselves in the bubbly brew, easing down into the depths as you face each other. Feel the heat and passion scent melt away all your thoughts and worries. This is your time… to do absolutely nothing but luxuriate in each other.

Let the water and the mood guide your next step… talk, whisper sweet nothings or don’t say a single word. Maybe let your hands and mouth do your talking for you. Pick up the tub massager and use it to further caress away the last of your partner’s cares. Feel the nubbies knead away everything but love and peace and tranquility, igniting the passion that lurks beneath the surface.

Use the bubbles to tickle and tease your partner as you slide deeper into the water. Grasp onto each other with all the desperation you can muster… see just how closely you can merge and meld your bodies to become one. How many new positions can you create within the parameters of your tub of love? Who knows? You might just figure out a few new moves along the way!

If your water starts to cool, just run a bit more hot water into the mix and continue to heat up the action in your own unique ways. Explore your lover’s body as if you’ve never felt it before. Take turns closing your eyes and just giving yourselves up to each other’s kisses, touches and caresses. Nothing is off-limits and it’s all up to you, the two of you together. Go where the moment takes you!

Take turns with the massager, being sure to give lots of extra-special attention to all those most intimate places. Use your hands and mouth, fingers and tongue (and anything else you like) to heighten the sensations and launch you both into climactic orbit. And don’t forget, this is just the beginning… what you choose to do after your bath is entirely up to your imagination!

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