Blush Novelties’ Neo Elite Dildos Review

About the Neo Elite Dildo Line

Blush’s new Neo Elite line is a collection of four average to slightly larger than average dildos in fanciful neon colors. Each dildo comes in two fabulously fluorescent color choices. They’re perfect for those looking for a realistic shape and texture without the racialized implications of flesh tone dildos. And for those put off by the uncanny valley effect of flesh colored dildos, the Neo Elite dildos are ideal for you. Aside from the bright colors though, these dildos are incredibly life-like with a fine texture that looks like real skin.

I’m so happy that Blush is making affordable silicone alternatives to toxic PVC toys. The more affordable silicone is, the less likely consumers will be to choose cheaper jelly toys that may put their health at risk. That’s a net positive. But make no mistake. If you buy one of these Neo Elite dildos thinking that you’re getting VixSkin-level quality and attention to detail, you’re fooling yourself. Vixen’s silicone dildos are handcrafted in the United States. Blush’s line is mass produced. They’re just not the same. BUT, for the price, Blush’s offerings cannot be beaten. If you are trying to build a collection or just can’t justify spending $100 on a dildo, Blush has you covered. The company has clearly made an effort to make body-safe toys that are affordable for the average consumer. That’s progress.


I wish that Blush had given each of the dildos specific names. Instead, they’re identified by their dimensions and whether they have balls, making them more difficult for me to write about clearly or to easily recommend in the future.

6-Inch Silicone Dual-Density Suction Cup Dildo

The most petite offering in the Neo Elite line is also the smoothest in texture. Fellow texture haters, rejoice! There are some veins that my camera can’t quite capture because of the bright color, but I can’t really feel them during use. The shaft is also very straight, so don’t expect too much g-spot stimulation. Despite its straight stature though, the coronal ridge adds interest. This dildo’s small size makes it a great starter dildo or an awesome all-around dildo for anyone who just doesn’t want something large. And because of its small size, the suction cup holds its weight well.

For me, this is a great warm-up dildo. It’s currently in my regular rotation as the dildo I start with before moving on to bigger, badder things.

7-Inch Silicone Dual-Density Suction Cup Dildo

The thickest of the bunch is the 7-inch dildo. It’s a quarter inch larger than average at 1.75 inches in girth. If that seems daunting to you, keep in mind the squishiness of the dual-density silicone. While 1.75 inches would normally be a bit much for me, I found this dildo conformed well to my vagina. Blush has really succeeded here with its Sensafeel (that’s their term for dual-density) silicone; the dildo is soft and realistic while staying firm enough to hold its shape during penetration.

It’s also less round than the others, with a slightly flattened shaft. As pictured, this dildo has quite a bit of finely-detailed texture, but it’s so fine that it’s not noticeable when covered in lube and inserted. This dildo has a less common downward-pointed curve that makes it ideal for doggy-style vaginal penetration. I found that it felt pretty great from behind and was impressed by the g-spot stimulation that it provided.

Had I not decided to purchase the entire line, I probably wouldn’t have picked this one up on its own. I’m glad that I did though because the soft-yet-firm girth and gentle curve make it my favorite of the bunch.

7.5-Inch Silicone Dual-Density Suction Cup Dildo

This is such a great dildo for beginners. The head is the most narrow part of the dildo. The girth tapers gradually and consistently, making initial penetration downright comfy. It’s not the best for those who want a prominent head for stimulation but for someone new to anal, for instance, this would be a great place to start. It’s the only dildo of the four without balls, so if you feel like balls sometimes get in the way or you’re just put off by them, this is the one for you. It also has the longest insertable length, a full 7 inches, because of the lack of balls.

Overall, this isn’t a particularly remarkable dildo. There are no special features to speak of. But that’s okay! It’s another great option for anyone looking for a quality dual-density dildo at a reasonable price. I can see myself recommending this to a lot of first-time dildo buyers.

7.5-Inch Silicone Dual-Density Suction Cup Dildo with Balls

The most highly-textured option in this line is the 7.5-inch dildo with balls. It’s incredibly vascular. As someone who doesn’t love textured toys, I was a bit worried. But with plenty of lube, the texture doesn’t bother me. Because the outer layer of silicone is quite soft, the texture is pretty inoffensive. And you’re a texture lover, you’ll still get something out of this dildo but maybe not as much as one made of a firmer material.

Standing straight up, like in the photo above, it looks like this might be a serious contender for g-spot orgasms. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite hold that shape in use. When used horizontally as most people would, that curve virtually disappears. If the core had been slightly firmer, I don’t think this would happen. In use, I felt a bit of pressure on my g-spot but not much. That’s a legitimate shortcoming with the Neo Elite line. I think at least one of these four dildos should be designed to be a more effective g-spot/ prostate stimulator.

I don’t mean to suggest this is a disappointing dildo though, I actually love it. Of all of the dildos, it has the squishiest head with a distinctive coronal ridge, and my body loves this combination.

The Same Questions We Always Ask

  • Manufacturer? Blush Novelties
  • Material? Dual-Density Silicone
  • Price? ~$30
  • Body-Safe? Yes
  • Dimensions? Neo Elite 6-Inch: 1.4 inches in girth x 4.4 inches insertable length, Neo Elite 7-inch: 1.75 inches in girth x 5 inches insertable length, Neo Elite 7.5 inch: 1.5 inches in girth x 7 inches insertable length, Neo Elite 7.5 with Balls: 1.5 inches in girth x 5.5 insertable length
  • Color Options: Neon Orange, Pink, Blue, and Green, depending on the model. Each dildo has two color options.
  • Anal-Safe (does it have a flared base)? Yes
  • O-ring Compatible? Yes, but untested by me
  • Vac-u-lock Compatible? No
  • Lube? Use plenty of water-based lube.
  • Ease of cleaning? Easy Peasy. As with other silicone dildos, wash with soap and water before and after each use. To disinfect: wash thoroughly with soap and water, then boil for 3 minutes.

Final Thoughts

I’d recommend Blush’s Neo Elite dildos to even the most discerning vaginas and butts. They’re not the finest artisanal dildos, but they’ll do just fine. Almost anyone would benefit by adding a Neo Elite dildo to their collection. But unless Blush expands their offerings, size queens need not apply. If you’re looking for a good average-sized realistic dildo in squishy silicone, these dildos are ideal. And at $30, why not try them all?

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