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It’s about time that your playthings got an overhaul, don’t you think? The most basic and well-known sex toy out there is the vibrator, but they have come quite a long way from the simple two-speeder that you’ve had hidden in your sock drawer for decades now. This handy little sex toy can be as … Read more

Beginner Sex Toys Are Hotter Than Ever!

These days, sex toys are everywhere. They’re enjoyed by people of all races, classes, and orientations. Technology has inspired new designs, new functions, and toys made of new materials. It’s almost more than a novice can digest. That’s why beginner sex toys are so popular and so effective. They eliminate the perceived drawbacks of adult … Read more

Oiling the Wheels of Sensuality

Whether you are looking to add a hint of sensuality to your foreplay, or you are in need of a little help when it comes to entering those delicious pleasure zones, there comes a time when you will need to employ a little lubricant to keep the wheels of sensuality turning. Of course, like many … Read more

Kids Don’t Have To End the Fun

If you have children, chances are your sex life has taken a significant dive. While children are often the result of the fun, it often goes away once they arrive. How do you maintain the passion in your relationship when there is little time to go around? Sometimes sex toys can be the solution for … Read more

Sextoys: The Vibrator

The vibrator has a rich history in American culture, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. If you’ve thought that the little buzzer is hiding in our culture’s dark corners, that is far from true. Self sexual gratification is becoming as commonplace as cable television, and you may soon even see basic models … Read more

Make His Day

Make your man’s day in more ways than even he could ever imagine in his wildest fantasies. You don’t need a special occasion to let him know how much you care… why not do it today? Unleash his wild side (and yours) with this nifty little package of feel-good fun. The big event will need … Read more

Twin Peaks of Pleasure

Let’s face it: breasts are cool, but they are highly under-rated. After all, once foreplay has started, they are quickly forgotten. How about trying this tiny basket of titillating, tasty teases to turn the focus back to those tantalizing twin peaks? Personally, I’d suggest gently but firmly binding your lover’s wrists with velvet ribbons before … Read more

Tickle Her Fancy

Show your lover just how much she means to you… use this package of goodies to warm her body, heart and soul. Laughter is healthy and with this magical combo, you’ll have her unsure whether she should laugh or scream in pleasure. Start with the lover’s ribbon. Strip her naked, slowly and seductively, taking your … Read more

Sextoys and Swingers

When you’ve been swinging for a while, the question of adding a little something more to mix is inevitable. And it’s not because you’re bored necessarily, but it can be because you’re just looking to crank up the fun a little, and with all of the sex product stores and websites available, you might be … Read more

Too old for Sex?

Is 50 too old for men to enjoy sex and perform as well as younger men? While most of us look forward to the honor and privilege of turning 21, some say that some men are now eagerly anticipating “The Big 5-0. So, what’s so good about turning 50? No, it’s not that 50 is … Read more

Sextoys Sales Full of Surprises

From the seriously sexy and sublime to erotic toys bought for just a bit of fun there’s a sex toy on sale right now that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe this is your first time buying an adult toy or maybe you’ve heard of the very latest new fad and it’s got you all … Read more

Ring of Confidence

A very popular sexual enhancement for men these days is the humble cock ring. Who would have thought that such a simple device could be so effective? The truth of the matter is that, with a cock ring, there really is a ring of confidence, because it helps to keep the big fella going that … Read more

Reversal of Fortune

How about a little role-play reversal to spice up your sex life? Does your man usually take charge of your sexual play? Well, if so, why not turn the tables on him with an evening of erotic fun that is most definitely not what he might anticipate? Give your guy an evening to remember in … Read more