Anal Sex – The Myth and the Truth

We just completed a beginner’s guide to anal sex. Anal sex is avoided by many people due to the fear of being hurt, fear of hygiene issues, and fear of entering uncharted territories. We would like to assure you that when performed slowly and correctly, anal sex will spice up your sex life beyond your wildest imagination for men and women.

In our article, we answer these three questions first: Does it hurt?, Do women like anal sex?, and If I want to try anal sex, does it mean I am Gay? (question from guys)

Then we describe in seven basic steps to help you understand how to perform anal sex correctly.

  1. Clean out your rectum (to avoid a mess and skin abrasions)
  2. Turn-on with foreplay (cuddle, kiss, etc.)
  3. Rim Preparation (licking)
  4. Lube and Finger (to relax the muscle)
  5. Strap-on dildo, Butt Plug, Anal Probe, and Anal Beads


Here is theĀ anal sex education article

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