All About Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls, also known as Geisha balls and Orgasm balls, are medium-sized marbles that can be inserted into the vagina or anus for intense stimulation. If you’re struggling with different ways to add a little bit more flavor to the bedroom, the Ben Wa balls just may be the ticket back to variety and fun in you and your partner’s sex life. Even if you’re not in a relationship, you can still use the Ben Wa balls to create subtle pleasure for yourself alone. The balls aren’t meant to induce an extreme orgasm within moments, but are instead used to subtly drive a person’s sexual stimulation up the wall over a considerable period of time; in a sense, you could metaphorically compare Ben Wa balls to the idea of a massage chair built specifically for stimulating coitus.


Ben Wa balls come in a fairly diverse variety of forms, depending on what degree of satisfaction you’re out to experience. The balls may either come in a solid tone, or they could be outfitted with a series of nubs or claspers that can add a slightly more intense twist on the experience. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even get the balls in a much larger form called Duotone Balls.

Sexual Stimulation

The Ben Wa balls work by encouraging the person using them to stimulate their sexual organs by using their vaginal or anal muscles to hold the balls inside of them for extended periods of time. Occasionally, the Ben Wa ball may be designed with a chain of smaller balls extending from the main ball that can be tugged with the fingers for easy removal after you’ve satisfied yourself. If a woman chose to, she could actually go about her business all day while having the Ben Wa balls stimulating the inside of her vagina. Occasionally, some people like to use Ben Wa balls while they’re in a rocking chair in order to make the stimulation a little bit more rhythmic than what it be normally.

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Historical Use

According to historical reports by Francesco Carletti, the merchant from Florentine, Ben Wa balls were formerly used by men in Thailand towards the end of the sixteenth century in order to enlarge the penis. Only twelve years before that time, Ralph Fitch, English traveler, documented the use of Ben Wa balls by lots of men in Myanmar’s Shan States.


Even if you’re not looking to sexually stimulate yourself, Ben Wa balls do have another use that they’re sought out for. Some people reportedly have used Ben Wa balls as a way to strengthen the floor muscles of their pelvis. Simply holding the balls inside of one’s vaginal walls or anus and keeping it there requires a great deal of concentration and strength. Though it may seem a bit unconventional, there are reports of the practice being relatively common with Taoists in their sexual customs throughout history. Ben Wa balls can prove very useful to a person that seeks to increase their stamina through kegels, the art of increasing your pelvic strength by tensing and releasing the muscles that control it.

Common Use

The use of Ben Wa balls simply to make the pelvic, anal and vaginal muscles stronger is fairly widespread. Ben Wa balls are actually employed often by gynecologists that aim to increase the elastic capacities of their clients’ vaginas before operating. Ben Wa balls can actually even be used to increase your bladder control by encouraging more active use of the muscles used to tense up the urinary tract. Patients that display urinary incontinence when they laugh, cough or sneeze can use Ben Wa balls to the great effect of stopping some potentially very embarrassing scenarios.

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