10 Doc Johnson Products You Had No Idea Existed

The sex toy industry is rocking and rolling. Back in 2008, the industry was worth right around the neighborhood of $15 billion worldwide, and had an estimated 30% growth rate. Today popular portrayals of female characters’ usage of sex toys is becoming more common. And as pop culture begins to openly embrace its sexuality, it’s easy to come back to an old marketing tactic — sex sells.

One popular sex toy company, Doc Johnson, is one of the oldest sex toy manufacturers in the country. Doc Johnson has been selling sex toys since the 1976. They’re responsible for creating toys from the likes of Jenna Jameson, Sasha Grey, and Belladonna. They’re also creators of two of the most popular sex toys to date — the Pocket Rocket and the Lucid Dreams vibrator collection.

But did you know Doc Johnson also made unique products like the Mini Mini Monkey – an extremely small vibrator meant for clitoral stimulation in the form of a monkey? Read on below to find 10 Doc Johnson products you didn’t know existed.

  1.  Wonderland The Mystical Mushroom – The mystical mushroom kicks things off for us by being an Alice in Wonderland inspired g-spot stimulator. The mystical mushroom isn’t messing around. At 4 inches of usable length and 10 different function, it’ll take you on any adventure you want.
  2. Oralove Intimints Mints Tin – The oralove intimints makes the list because a sex toy company is the last place you’d think of buying a pack of mints.
  3. Pussy Pump – Yes, you read that right. This product serves the same role as its counterpart, the penis pump. Using promise of the pussy pump is that it will “enlarge your love lips for ultimate love-making pleasure.”
  4. Squirting Realistic Cock – Let’s be honest, dildos are a dime-a-dozen at this point. What makes this dildo unique is that it can ejaculate. Equipped with a nub at the tip for added realism, and realistic balls, the squirting cock is almost as good as the real thing. For an added bonus, you can put in whatever substance you want.
  5. Ur3 Club Ashton Moore Ass and Vagina – This is a realistic modeling of Ashton Moore’s lady bits. Fit with ultra realistic 3.0 material, what makes this unique is the model itself. Most products like these only model the bits, but the Ur3 AMAV modeled part of her hand for added realism.
  6. Vac-U-Lock – Knuckle Up – A Vac-U-Lock is a locking system fit for use on strapons. What makes the Knuckle Up unique is that it is essential an anal plug sitting on top of brass knuckles.
  7. Doc Johnson Batteries – AAA 4 Pack – Possibly the cheapest 4 pack of AAA batteries around, Doc Johnson branded batteries are perfect for powering other Doc Johnson products.
  8. The Fist – The fist is exactly what it says it is – a model of an arm and fist. The 14” Fist is armed for any situation.
  9. Wendy Williams Ur3 Ass and Balls – The Wendy Williams Ur3 is the perfect mold for when you’re just not quite sure what you want. This is another unique mold that adds in both hands for the extra realistic experience.
  10. Mini Mini Monkey – Rounding off our list actually brings us back to the beginning. The Mini Mini Monkey is the perfect bullet vibrator to add a little fun into your play time.


While not every toy listed on our list will be to your liking, they’re all special snowflakes in our book. For more great products, cruise on over to our store and check out these products and hundreds of others.

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